About us

Vélo Royal ~ Who are we?
Vélo Royal roughly means royal bicycle in French and the expression “Autres temps, autres
mœurs ”means“ Other times, other habits / customs ”
The love for France was already born during a train wreck many years ago. Architecture,
fashion, nature, food and culture. Vélo Royal exudes a French touch so do not be surprised
if other themes in France emerge.

We are a small company that wants to develop at a reasonable pace. By testing our products hard
during a year, we know what wear and tear and any problems can occur after a while
driving. It gives us valuable knowledge and also means that we can offer a fantastic
high service as we know our products well. That is why we want to rent out our first year
products during the summer months to also get customer feedback and thus build
on knowledge even more.

Vélo Royal must be a long-term sustainable, safe and comfortable means of transport
free choice of design and model based on who you are. So the business idea is simple. Rental of
electric scooters and electric mini bikes on Gotland, Ljugarn during the summer months and
limited edition sales. With limited sales, we ensure that you are one of
bring a unique Vélo Royal design. Each design is sold in a predetermined number of copies.

During the autumn of 2021, Vélo Royal-Garage Service will be developed where we intend to receive our own
customers for service of electric scooters such as tire replacement, disc brake or other wear and tear
can occur. Accessories for our products will also be developed and can be offered
for next season. Vélo Royal also wants to be a player in social media for that
communicate and interact with people in an inspiring way and in that way
strengthen and reach out with the Vélo Royal brand.

Who are we then behind the company?
We are a large bonus family with two adults and five children aged 4, 11, 14, 15 and 19 years.
Vélo Royal is a side project as we work with completely different things in everyday life but for short
describe the background, we had a great need to get our teenagers to take care of themselves
to their training to put together the puzzle of life, we also needed to find a new means of transport
for ourselves to get to work instead of being crowded on the subway or sitting in traffic jams.
So then the search began to find other alternatives. So we have tested a number of products and now
found those that work for our family. If it can work for another family, so are we
happy to help.
To describe us with characteristics, you can ask yourself, what do you get about
to cross a broadcast producer with a decorator?
Daniel is the safe and calm with big arms. Thinker and realist with great technique
competence. Interest in imagery and a love of big city pulse. Ellinor is the energetic one
and spontaneous with adventure at hand and with big dreams. Creator with an interest in
language and a love of the forest and the sea.
The qualities in combination with putting together the everyday puzzle, environmental thinking, our professions
and interests created Vélo Royal.